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 Newsletter January - April 2006

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YWAM Medellín
Enith Diaz

We are thankful to God for this New Year which He allowed us to start again and for the joy it gives us that we can share with you all what God is doing.

The 15th of January our children came back from their school vacation and started school again on the 23rd of January.

From the 6th – 13th of January we held a Mini Mercy Ministry Training School. As guest speaker we had Steve Bartel from who inspired our lives by showing his love, commitment and dedication for his work to restore the lives of the children. It was a special and refreshing time where God spoke to our hearts.

The 28th of January we celebrated the 15th birthday of one of our girls Betty who lost her father. He was a pastor and was murdered in the terrible violence we experience in Colombia. Betty her mom who is now working with us was very happy we could celebrate that day, because the 15th birthday is the most special birthday in Colombia.

We were also very happy to receive Borje and his 20 member team whom gave a special day to the children in a waterpark together with 500 other children of other entities.

The team stayed with us for one week but Andrea stayed longer and helped us out in the boy’s house. She was a great help and always ready to provide for the needs in the ministry, thank you Andrea.

Then we received a 20 member team from Puerto Rico for one month, led by Alejandra and Wally. They worked in both houses of the boys and girls having devotions, theater, games and a lot of fun with the children. They also helped out with cleaning and many more things, so they were a great blessing to all of us.

Saturday the 18th of March I went to Puerto Libertador to inaugurate the drinking water project. People wept of joy to finally have a drinking water line in their houses. This project was made possible with generous gifts. Especially from a Swedish family who lost their son in the Tsunami, whom on his funeral instead of receiving flowers asked to help needy children. Also a thank you to Timon, Robette, Gniseppe from Switzerland. 

On the way back from Puerto Libertador I brought back a 10 year old orphan girl Angelica, taking her out of a very problematic situation.


Also we have 2 new boys in our house, the orphan Luís Alfredo Garci'a Valencia and Rubén Darío Mejia Villegas 

We thank God for what He does in this ministry, being faithful to our lives and to allow us to be instruments for the restoration of children, making their life worth living.

We are thankful to you for your support in prayer and gifts and we want to urge you to continue because it is vital for the children.



-Short or long term volunteers. 

-We urgently need a person for the communications department.

­_We need a person for Plan Padrino to develop fundraising projects.  

 _ An administrator.

 _ For the purchase of our own house and property and a car.

 _ For a cook in the house of the girls.

 _ Somebody who loves to do Hospitality.  

Thank you for your support


Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
Discipleship Training School

“IBCS” Introduction to Biblical Counseling School

Bario Pila Rica

Tel; +57-4-4213295

Jorge Colmenares

Graduates of the IBCS 2005.

In this semester we have 12 students, one from the US and the rest from Caquetá, Chile, Armenia, Bucaramanga and the Llanos. At this moment they are on outreach in different areas of Medellín. The end of June we will have the graduation.

Discipleship Training School
A dynamic experience of learning during five months; three months of which are training and preparation and two months of active evangelism.
dates: Second semester 2nd of July.

Discipleship Training School for Professionals
This missionary training school of 5 months is designed so that the students can understand how to be part of the great commission, using their profession to disciple the nations.
date: January 22nd (First semester only)

Introduction to Biblical Counseling School
This school provides tools that will help to understand the destiny and purpose of man, outlook from the heart of God. Five months of education about knowing God and His loving plan for the suffering world.
date; July 2nd (Second semester only)

Flashback of the 2005 conference

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“King's Kids

 Bario Pila Rica
Tel; +57-4-4213295
Juan Pablo and Margarita Largo

King’s Kids

In the Easter week 10 – 15th of April we held a Niko Survival camp. We had 70 persons from different cities of Colombia: Bogotá, Puerto Libertador and Medellín. In the closing evening we heard many testimonies about the many thing we have to enjoy and the value of the Cross. There were also 30 Staff, people who gave everything they got in their lives to see those 70 grow.

NIKO Survival Camp
This a real adventure for all ages where you will discover your style of leadership, your strength and weakness and the things that motivate your life. You will face challenges that will make you to take initiatives, to be creative, have compassion and be responsible and you will know God in a different way.
Dates: First semester: 10 to the 15th of April. 2006
Second semester: 17 to the 21st of August. 2006

King’s Kids Vacation Camp
This is a two week camping where youth from all over the country between the ages of 9 and 25 years old are challenged to live different, to have an intimate relation with God and to understand Gods plan for their lives, at the same time they will have the opportunity to go to different parts of the city and to share the gospel through sketches.
Dates: 9th to the 22nd of December 2006.



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