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 Newsletter December 2005

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JuCUM Medellín
Enith Diaz

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2006. 

Christmas is intimately related to the manifestations of the soul, because of what human beings have expressed in words and art trying to reflect and transmit the spirit of Christmas through their creations.

With art we recreate the spirit of Christmas and we enjoy these holidays which are not only for gatherings and parties, but the real feeling of Christmas is feeling Gods love for humanity, the solidarity, the cry for love in this World, the longing that there are no longer children in the street with hunger, overall; the feeling of Gods presence in each human being and in his works.

Our great Staff in the Mercy Ministry Department



The YWAM South America Northern Zone Conference

Every year we have a Conference for all the YWAMers of Colombia and the Northern part of South America. This encounter was very special with 16 nationalities.

Wedge and Shirley Alman Founders of YWAM Colombia

YWAM Conference 1-5 December 2005 Medellín Colombia With Wedge and Shirley Alman
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Youth With A Mission
Confesión Juventud
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Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
Discipleship Training School

“IBCS” Introduction to Biblical Counseling School

Bario Pila Rica

Tel; +57-4-4213295

Jorge Colmenares


“Our great Staff in the Training Department
and the Graduates of the DTS and IBCS 2005.

Discipleship Training School
A dynamic experience of learning during five months; three months of which are training and preparation and two months of active evangelism.
dates: First semester; January 22nd Second semester 2nd of July.

Discipleship Training School for Professionals
This missionary training school of 5 months is designed so that the students can understand how to be part of the great commission, using their profession to disciple the nations.
date: January 22nd (First semester only)

Introduction to Biblical Counseling School
This school provides tools that will help to understand the destiny and purpose of man, outlook from the heart of God. Five months of education about knowing God and His loving plan for the suffering world.
date; July 2nd (Second semester only)

Outreach “DTS” Discipleship Training School

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“King's Kids

 Bario Pila Rica
Tel; +57-4-4213295
Juan Pablo and Margarita Largo

King’s Kids wishes you a Happy New Year 2006

NIKO Survival Camp
This a real adventure for all ages where you will discover your style of leadership, your strengths and weaknesses and the things that motivate your life. You will face challenges that will make you to take initiatives, to be creative, have compassion and be responsible and you will know God in a different way.
Dates: First semester: 11th to the 16th of April. 2006
Second semester: 17th to the 21st of August. 2006

King’s Kids Vacation Camp
This is a two week camping where youth from all over the country between the ages of 9 and 25 years old are challenged to live different, to have an intimate relation with God and to understand the intention of God for his lives, at the same time they will have the opportunity to go to different parts of the city and to share the gospel through sketches.
Dates: 9th to the 22nd of December 2006.


Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”
House of Refuge “Bethel”
House for Boys
Tel; 2540195 Prado Centro

Magda Rocío Largo

Ecclesiastes 11:1 ¶ Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.

This word is true in the process of formation in the life of the 4 Maturana brothers; Judis, Oscar, Over and Omar, (on the picture to the right) whom come from the province of Uraba. They have lived their worst nightmare as they witnessed their father stabbing their mom and killing himself while falling in the arms of his oldest son. Their mother was rushed to the hospital but did not survive the ordeal and died after several days.
In the beginning each one of them showed different reactions in their behavior like; isolation, fear, rage, hatred, frequent crying and showing much pain and symptoms that affected their education and learning process. Always accompanied by memories and important dates where their parents would have been with them while alive. Nevertheless the unity of brotherhood they showed among them and their emotional structure helped a little. The overprotection of the older brother to take care of them and to protect them was very significant and for a long time we did not know what to do about that but to pray and try to understand the situation.
After this time help from professional people, counseling and the love of God have helped in the recovery of the loss of their parents and understanding that we are part of their family, seeing God as their father. They improved in their learning skills and progressed in school and improved their relationship with other people.

The other boys and girls who live in our houses have finished the school year with excellent grades, having received nominations of honor by their school. They have also done great in the areas of socializing, reeducation and Christian principles through their actions thanks to what they have learned from our great staff.
For all the experience, we give thanks to God for His provision and faithfulness for the ministry.
God’s blessings and Merry Christmas to you.

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”

House of Refuge “Ebenezer”
House for girls

Tel; 4-2168665 Boston
Alba Marina Oviedo

Gloria Estefanía Diaz on the picture to the right is 9 years old.
Gloria has 4 brothers and sisters. She came to us 2 years ago as an undernourished and weak little girl. She was abandoned by her parents and living with her grandparents, whom could not take care of her either because of lack of money. In the end she suffered of a high degree of undernourishment which also affected her concentration at school and she fell behind a great deal in her education level.
At the moment we can see her growing again physically, and she is gaining her weight/age/height proportion fast. Psychologically she is doing great, and that helps her catch up at school. Praise God. Thanks a lot for your prayers and support. God bless you.


Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”

“Chocolatemilk and Bread”
Work on the street
; 2540195 Prado Centro
Rosaura Zapata Bolívar

Hello dear friends in Christ.
I lovingly greet you and I wish you God’s peace over your lives.

We are working on the street and in a place where a lot of very poor people live. Thanks to God that I can lead this program with your support and a great team and lots of love for the needy. We are reaching whole families whom have nothing but one dirty room to live in. First of all we tell them that God can help them in their needs while we also give them what we can materially. This way we could also help a family with some tools to be able to fix cars. The children were really happy to receive clothes, shoes and uniforms for school. We can also bless other families with groceries so the children have enough food for their growth. We also have handed out literature with teachings of Jesus and play games with them, and teach them from the word of God.
Recently we had a heath brigade where we treated the children who had lice and cut their hair, cleaned and cut their nails, cleaned their ears, teeth and infections on their bodies. We handed out little presents and a healthy lunch and played games with which we could bless 120 children and 50 adults.

On the street by means of handing out warm chocolate milk and bread we can preach the gospel and share the love of God. It is sad to see children whom later on would have to sleep on the street with cardboard as blankets. Dealers whom roam the street and drug addicts will have to continue on begging. Others have to continue practicing prostitution because they don’t know any better. We want to be able to reach these people and help them, especially the youth.
By organizing soccer games, activities and handing out chocolate milk and bread we are able to share the Gospel with them.
God bless you,

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”

“Plan Padrino”
Financial help for children who live with us and who live at home.
; 2161818 Boston
Enith Diaz

Family violence
The armed conflict
Drug abuse
School dropouts

In the houses of Juventud Con Una Mision our goal is to restore the lives of the children. We empazize on Christian education.


g I Will set aside 0,50 dollar daily and
    so can give 15 dollars per month

g I will support a child completely
     with 150 dollar monthly

f I will call and visit the child

f Other ____________

Juventud con una Misión
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  • 90% goes directly to the child: Education, Health, Nutrition, Recreation, Housing, Clothing, Transportation for the kids and staff and psychological help for the child and its family.
  • 10% is spent on Administration, Communications and Office supplies.
TeleFax +57-4-2161818 PO Box AA 5156 Medellín Colombia
Confesión Juventud Con Una Misión is Recognized in Colombia under the
Personería Jurídica Especial No. 1128 del 15 de Agosto de 1996,
by the Interior Ministry. NIT. 830031394-0 Misericordia

Youth With A Mission
Confesión Juventud Con Una Misión
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