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Enith Diaz

I send you a warm greeting from Medellín Colombia.   

Youth with a Mission began in 1960 by Loren Cunningham with the focus; "To know God and to make Him known". The ministry of YWAM has three purposes. 
. Training: Preparing workers to reach others. 
. Mercy Ministries: Showing the love of God through  practical        assistance. 
. Evangelism: Spreading the message of God. 

YWAM attracts people of different backgrounds to work in a wide range of evangelistic activities. People like youth, families, pensioners, the recently graduated and doctors, people from more than 100 nations and many different denominations of sound doctrine, from newly born in Christ to leaders of churches and missionaries with years of experience. The last survey YWAM had in 1997 was; 630 bases, 10622 long term personnel, 13508 students, 32152 short term personnel.  

What do we do in Medellín? 

Our goal is to train youth who want to go into missions and do missionary work through Training, Evangelism and Mercy Ministry. We live of faith and we are all volunteers, this means that nobody receives payment from YWAM for their work. Here in Medellín we have a DTS "Discipleship Training School" and an IBCS "Introduction to Biblical Counseling School". And in Mercy Ministry we have 3 houses with children. Continue reading and have a look at the pictures. It is a testimony as God is with us in our service for Him. We invite you to be part of us; by coming to be with us physically, supporting or praying for this work. 

We want to welcome Yenni Viviana Díaz Vera who came from the city of Bucaramanga  January 12 2003. She serves as voluntary tutor in the houses of the girls and boys (2nd stage). She is a great blessing for the ministry and personnel. 

Also new is Sandra Carolina Sánchez Welches from the city of Zipaquira-Cundinamarca. She serves as a volunteer for the children (1st stage). She is great blessing for the ministry and the personnel.


We are grateful to God for the people who come to invest their life here.
They are an answer to our prayers.
Praise God we already have received a small amount of money in the special fund
to buy the auto sufficient farm for the kids.
Let us continue praying for the kids, the farm and long term committed personnel.
We have a need for 10 people to serve in the area of childcare.
God bless you,


PERS. JURÍDICA 1128 del 15 agosto de 1996 NIT. 830.031.384-0 MISERICORDIA

Juventud con una Misión    Bank Account 022 00946-8 LLOYDS TSB Bank

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
Discipleship Training School

“IBCS” Introduction to Biblical Counseling School
Barrio Pila Rica
Tel; 4-4213295

Jorge Colmenares

"Students of the Discipleship Training School DTS"

January 26 we started to our Tenth Discipleship Training School. This School has been a lovely challenge. There are 16 students that have demonstrated a lot of commitment in their personal lives. Although they are of different ages and different cities in Colombia, from the beginning they have shown unity and empathy among themselves.


We believe that it is a time of privilege for each one of them, because their lives are being treated by God. It is the time of being challenged to receive the dreams of Him for the Nations to influence all areas of society.

We have had the participation of teachers like Joselín Pinilla, Yarley Nino, Cristo Manuel, Esteban Bartel, Héctor Pardo, Hernán Arango, and personnel of the leadership of the School that have brought the heart and character of God through their classes. We are very grateful to God, and from now on we are already getting ready for our outreach. We are praying and uniting efforts so that this will be a time where each student knows more about God and joyfully fulfilling His will, understanding that we live for the following; TO BRING JOY TO THE HEART OF GOD!!!


Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“King's Kids”

Barrio Pila Rica
Tel; 4-4213295

Juan Pablo Largo

From 3-19 of January we had our King's Kids Camp. We had the participation of 90 people, of which 68 were students and the rest staff.

For us it was a great challenge to be able to disciple them and to help them to know God. The biggest emotion for many was to be able to hear from God for a word for their lives. 




The time of Evangelism was also very significant for each one of them. We give thanks to God for the satisfactory achievements in our camp.

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”
House of Refuge “Bethel”
First stage for boys
Tel; 2540195 Prado Centro
Magda Rocío Largo




Our house has 8 children that have lasted the process. All are studying in different classes like; first, third, fourth, and some receive extra help. Each one of them receives visits and emotional support. Also from us they receive Christian principles and love. We work with their families in evangelism and in house visits.   

Until today God has helped us to rescue children from a world full of violence to offer them the love of God and to save their lives educating an even better future. 


A 6 year-old boy started going to school in January. He is already 3 months in first of elementary. He shares with his friends, does his tasks and likes to talk about experiences with his friends. He arrived here 2 years ago in a deplorable state. He used to live locked in a room undernourished, living with his father and left alone while his dad was at work to be able to bring food home. Meanwhile he was physically abused by the neighbors who hit him, during that time the boy was very reserved, not very affectionate and he cried a lot. He had an illness called carranchil. When he was found it seemed he was a victim of a world where he didn't ask to be born. With our effort, love and dedication we are able to form in him Christian principles, to be social with the other ones, affective, loving and that he has a good physical and mental health. His father continues to visit him every week and supplying his need. He is well and happy having found a family that loves him and takes care of him. He is orphan of mother, because she died run over by a car when she went for him at the kindergarten. He was two years old, it is for this reason he hardly remembers her. Now ready to be able to study a lot and to become a good man and to help many children like him in the future.

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
Mercy Ministry
House of Refuge “Mi Hogar
Second stage for Boys

Tel; 4-2161818 Boston
María Cecilia Muñoz

Maria Cecilia Munoz




If you visit us within the week, you find us busy. "The tasks of the school and the secondary school are not few, so the duty is great…" Some boys in the library, others in the dining room, in the living room, in short in any corner of the house… there are Always books scattered everywhere.

Doña Elvia


The boys are doing fine, good grades; but not everything is study, we deserve entertainment, so at five in the afternoon the schoolbags are put away and Manuel goes running to take out the soccer ball and/or basketball… The playground of the Hillside is our favorite place to remember that not everything is study.


The weekend we take out time to sleep until late and to go to Sunday school, where we praise God for a week full with blessings.

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”
House of Refuge “Ebenezer”
House for girls

Tel; 4-2168665 Boston

Nímia Inés Ibañez Ortiz

Nimia Ibanez Ortiz


This year we give thanks to God for His blessings, His grace, love and wisdom, for the work that we want to do.

We want to give thanks to God because Carolina is in Cartagena, Sandra in Bogotá and Alba (Coordinator) in Chile, all doing their DTS. We hope this time is of much blessing in all the areas of their life where God will be doing His work of art in each one of them.


We welcomed 6 new girls.  

1. Angie from Cali

2. Marcela from Medellín. 

3. The sisters Brilli and Naila from Córdoba. 

4. Keli of Apartado 

5. Camila 

All are studying in high school or in elementary.


In this semester the same as last year we are teaching art. The girls are learning how to make bread, knit, embroidery, manicure, ceramics, card making. We give thanks to all personnel that have committed themselves to God to do with joy in their heart all of this work. It is a complete work where only God gives us the force to achieve it and to realize it. Isaiah 42:6-9

PERS. JURÍDICA 1128 del 15 agosto de 1996 NIT. 830.031.384-0 MISERICORDIA

Juventud con una Misión    Bank Account 022 00946-8 LLOYDS TSB Bank

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