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Christmas is a time of joy. Happiness for some means resting or vacation, friends visiting one another, gifts are given, pretty cards are sent, time of lights and bright colors. The faces of happy children are seen waiting this way for the moment to enjoy the gifts, sweet ice cream and sweets. What happens in the commerce? The sales increase, the merchants develop a language like: We will take advantage of this time to increase our earnings, the different warehouses begin with offers, discounts, yellow labels that mean; here all is cheaper, in short… Christmas for the world means a time of lots of shopping, parties, food, drinks, trips, vacations, and it can even be a good time to get married. 

But have you stopped asking yourself? What does Christmas mean for me? What is the true meaning of this time? In Luke chapter 2:8-14 it says that the angels came from heaven to the shepherds to announce to the world the following: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." That means: The savior of the world… God had given His only son to man, so that thru Him man could know true peace, and to enjoy His blessings.

I want to tell you, Christmas is a lot more than what we imagine, it should be a remembrance of the biggest gift that God has given to men: Jesus. This gift means salvation. To know the true peace that Colombia so much longs for and to enjoy the infinite favor that means His grace. When we recognize this I believe that Christmas then will stop to be commercial and it will become a time of spiritual withdrawal, tolerance, forgiveness, unity and deep change in our lives.


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Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”
House of Refuge “Bethel”
First stage for boys
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Magda Rocío Largo    Patricia Lucía Contreras

          Patricia Lucia Contreras

Beginning the year 2002, we had 20 children. We began a socialization process and education, which consists on Christian Principles, self-care, civility, interpersonal relationships, cleaning habits, academic leveling of reading and writing for two children smaller than 6 years and the other ones in school with morning or afternoon school, reinforcing the assigned tasks of the school.

Our personnel of tutors are: some full time and others halftime distributed this way: 2 coordinators, 1 Cook, 1 foreign tutor, 5 Colombian tutors and the directress.


During this process 9 children were dismissed for reasons like: stealing, physical and verbal abuse at the figure of authority; however we continued working with the other children in the socializing process. We had activities like a camp of Kings Kids directed by Bucaramanga, a spiritual outing with the Church Community of Faith, where the children attend, with topics like inner healing and the character of God as father. A permanent work with the families and their children is evangelism; divided in house visits, shops and parents' schools. As for arts; the children have been able to draw, to paint and to make ceramic at a very good level developing their abilities, guided by our teacher of arts: Gladis Valdez.

We conclude the year with 11 children, 10 in the Institution and 1 boy in another home who have adopted him so that he improves emotionally and physically in his socializing process. We have contacted his twin brother and developed a unification process, personal growth, formation in character and leveling their affective parts of abandonment on the part of their mom and rest of their family.


Our people have problems of abandonment, orphans, physical and verbal abuse, the lone figure of father or mother who take on different roles, economic deficiency, poverty and social violence. An achievement is reached in education with the children in principles and in part socializing, family integration, establishing links of affection, responsibility, acceptance and surrender to God.


Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
Mercy Ministry
House of Refuge “Mi
Second stage for Boys

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    Director:         Coordinator:
Daniel Menjivar   María Cecilia Muñoz

Daniel Menjivar                 Maria Cecilia Munoz

We began the year with 17 boys, all attended a proper education, school or secondary school, being the Educational Institutions, fundamental parts of the socializing and formative process.

High school and validating students' arrival January 13:  David Pérez, Jonathan Door, Victor Chancy, Manuel Alexis Viloria, Arturo Viloria, Edwin Zapata and Jonathan González. 

Elementary school children's arrival January 20:  Jeisson Mosquera, Luis Gallo, Felipe Aponte, Camilo Aponte, Juan Carlos Toro, Camilo Viloria, Victor Hugo Marín, Luis Ferney Sánchez, John Darío Gómez and Robinsón Mesa.

January 25 we will start the year with our Interdisciplinary Team. The work of last year has been pedagogic, social, psychological, technical and spiritual. The process with the boys has been to look for constant motivation and to analyze their "future" with responsibility and consequent deeds that allow them to invest in their existential project of life, in a constant revision of their biographical adventure, of social and family drama. The permanent search for alternatives for the solution of their problems and conflicts, experiences and confrontations allow them to give answers to their queries on a not very distant future, conscious that these are things of change for the improvement of their environment. From there the vocational workshops and capabilities arise, visits to the SENA, movies with focus on wanting to be and the search for doing the best.

It is a socialization stage where they contribute to their process and we accompany them in a committed act for the process of teaching and learning.

Here the many questions arise: Who am I? Where do I go? What do I have to contribute? And surely the new mechanics, electricians, chauffeurs, guards, bakers, cooks, university students and dreamers appear. This year a group will be relocated to their houses to stop the paternalistic process to a real process, objectively and supervised, in which from their near environment their project of life continues until consolidating it.

Now we become echoes of these voices that acquire certain protagonism and being an echo we commit to be facilitators of the process so that each daily schedule fills with experience and become projects of life.   

With the families there were important advances; since they began to acquire certain level of responsibility in with the boys and this attitude challenges the children to want to invest more in their wanting to be.

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”
House of Refuge “Ebenezer”
House for girls

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Alba Marina Oviedo

The House of Refuge Ebenezer, in the course of this year had a good development.

We began the year with seven girls, all studying in the morning and here the blessing began, since when being 24 hours per day with them, I had the time in the mornings to do personal things. 

Intellectually, four began sixth grade, one fifth grade of basic elementary, one eleventh grade and the other girl, finished the validation.  Natalia suspends her studies and the process ends up because she decided to return to her family. Three girls finished sixth grade and all, thanks to God, end up in excellent form.

Sandra validated and she already started Technique in Systems.

Emotionally they achieve progress each an in particular in responsibility, in order, in tolerance and this way to have a better coexistence.   

Spiritually they accept the Plan of Salvation, the process in each person for the Christian life, they know many biblical histories, they understand some doctrines, they recognize that they are not still converted, but they are pending and they are responsible really and they include it in their projects.  

Physically thanks to God, they were conserved with good health and stable. One or the other had a little virus, but nothing serious. 

Economically God always supplied every day to be able to carry out all that it is necessary and we ask God daily to reward each Padrino who supports this home.

In the first semester Natalia, decided to return to her relatives and when concluding the second semester we saw that it was necessary that Diana returned to her relatives.   

This year; ceramic teacher Gladis, fabric teacher Okelly, Manuela and Diana teachers of crafts, Nimia teacher of dressmaking, helped out with the occupational therapy that was carried out in a schedule from three to five from Monday to Friday.   

In the course of the year we carried out extracurricular activities to motivate and to enrich their daily life and we hope to carry out different and better things next year. 


Carolina: graduated Academic High school. She will go to Cartagena to do her Discipleship Training School.

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”
“Workshop of Dressmaking and Handicraft”

Prado Centro  Tel; 4-2540195


Nímia Inés Ibañez Ortiz

Nimia Ibanez Ortiz

"The group of students and teachers in the School of the Introduction to Biblical Counseling"

In the beginning of the year 2002 thanks to the help of God, we could start the work with the mothers and the girls. The work that we carried out last year, we began with 5 mothers whom attended 3 times a week in a separate schedule.  With them a Biblical Study was taken (discipleship) with duration of 20 minutes, then we started the vocational work (machines), similar to the 7 girls, twice a week with separate schedules. When concluding the first semester, one of them suspended her studies and 6 girls finished, emotional and spiritually well, achieving the process in each one in a particular way.  We achieved order, tolerance and coexistence in the group.

For the second semester, God guided us to receive a better preparation in the Counseling School, where I received a lot of blessing and new horizons for the work that is being carried out in the spiritual area.  Economically God supplied for each one of the necessities that were presented, it was wonderful to see the fidelity of God, giving more than what was needed.

For next year we will be projecting ourselves towards new horizons with the help of God.

For full time personnel.
For finances.
For guidance from the Holy Spirit, in wisdom.

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
Discipleship Training School

“IBCS” Introduction to Biblical Counseling School
Barrio Pila Rica
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Jorge Colmenares

"The group of students and teachers in the School of the Introduction to Biblical Counseling"

Youth With A Mission in Medellín, has had the opportunity during the year 2002 to take with good results the task to disciple and to give the vision about the Kingdom to people that have been at our facilities, because we have carried out Vacation Schools in the cities of Medellín and Armenía.  In Armenía some of the pastors have asked us to have this type of training once a year.  In these two Vacation Schools we had 100 youths in total which were challenged to fulfill the Great Commission in the Nations, and as fruit several people decided to do the Discipleship Training School.

Angelica Hernandez
“Personal de Staff”

February 3 we welcomed the students of the DTS in which we had people of several places of the country, in total they were 9 people that completed it, also a 6 year-old girl daughter of a couple of students. This school had as characteristic much joy and enthusiasm to learn. 

The crusade was carried out in Campamento and Jardín which are two towns in the state Antioquía.  For all it was a challenge since we had to share the gospel in places with a lot of violence.  Also we worked in Secondary schools showing videotapes and giving conferences about sex and values.

The second part of the crusade we carried out in the city of Armenía, where one worked in Churches, evangelizing in the streets and also conferences were given about evangelism, missions and workshops to Sunday school teachers and the families.

July 1 we had the first School of the Introduction to Biblical Counseling in Medellín which ended November 29. There were 22 students and all of them from different cities of the country which were: Armenía, Bogotá, Cartagena, Bucaramanga, Ibague, Port Assisi, Maicao, Sincelejo and Cali.

Teachers from Chile like Divel Beltran and Daniel Rebolledo supported us, also Sergio Canales from Spain, Jim and Judy Isom from the United States, Manuel Reaño and Teresa Fontalvo of Colombia. 

The Theoretical phase was an impact of fatherly love revealed to the heart of each one. 

October 1 two teams went out for outreach, one of them worked in Armenía with the Missionary Union Church of Quindío. There history was marked since in the pastoral body we had the privilege of sharing in an encounter for them. 

of January starts

 the new DTS

bilingual in

English y Español

Jocabed y Alvaro Quiceno engaged to get married.

We could also share in the Churches of Bucaramanga, Bogotá and Medellín, giving seminars like the Divine Plumb line, Curse and Blessing, Family Systems, Moral Purity and Shame.

The 30 youths of the ministry "Kings Kids" traveled to the city of Armenía, visiting different Churches and having evangelism in the streets. During this year we also had different activities like: visiting poor neighborhoods to share with youth groups to challenge them to live like true Christian and we also worked with the families of each member.

PERS. JURÍDICA 1128 del 15 agosto de 1996 NIT. 830.031.384-0 MISERICORDIA

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