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 Newsletter Oct. - Dec. 2003

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YWAM Medellín
Enith Diaz



In this Christmas, some of us feel a little homesick while being away from home, the lights, the carols, bring a special sensation. The message that Christmas gives us is; Peace, Joy, Hope, Love and Happiness. Christmas is also to remember old times. 

And to remember the great promise of our God, the mystery for generations became real in Jesus Christ. The child who was born in Bethlehem whom the angels saw and the kings recognized and adored;  the maximum gift that the human race has ever imagined was... our Savior, Jesus, a perfect plan that for a long time kept its great mercy, until being revealed to us. 

Meditating on the fact that through Jesus He gave us the full right to be called children of God and for Him we are coheirs of his Kingdom, for Him we are sat down in heavenly places, through Him we have authority, we are a generation full with privileges because Jesus was revealed us and in Him we have been established, He is the base of all that we are, without Him nothing of that we do makes sense

For this reason I want to say to all my friends. Let us share this Christmas together.


In this time we are saying good-bye to María Cecilia Muñoz, Mirelia Gómez, Yuly Andrea and María Cecilia González who worked during a period of 5 and 6 years with JuCUM, thanks for the support that they gave to this ministry. We also say goodbye to Petter Hermansson (Swedish) who was with us for three months as an English teacher. 



Good News.   

We want to share with you what is happening here in our work in Medellín. We are excited about the new project of helping war Orphans, after two years of prayer we now feel that it is the time to begin, we are planning to bring 10 children from Tierra Alta (Córdoba), children of an assassinated pastor last May and of Urabá also other assassinated pastors' children, total 10 kids. Christian women whom are now widows with 7 and 8 children, we feel supporting them with education and nutrition for these children whom don't have hope. 

We are also planning to begin an education project with the displaced population of Montelíbano Córdoba.

The Farm.   

We have been praying for two years for a farm, and we have found a perfect property with everything for 120 children; bunk beds, big kitchen, blankets, plates. 

On a piece of land measuring 8 blocks and the cost is 120.000 dollars, we already have 15.000 dollars.      

We thank you for your prayers for this project because we are planning to take the orphans to this place. If you want become a partner of this project you can write to us at


Giving Thanks   

We give thanks to God for last year, although it was a hard year, we can also say that the grace of God was overflowing for all of us, he supplied all that we needed for the schooling of the children and the maintenance of the houses like; Rent, Food, Education, in short; we survived.    

I also give thanks to God because I could finish my Degree in Theology and Sacred Bible, it really is a great victory after seven years of having to travel back and forth to this institution, I am happy that I finished and at the same time sad because I leave great friends, teachers and classroom partners there with whom I went along very well. 

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30th  November 1993
Enith arrives at Medellín

First gift

First DTS School

First Contact

First IBCS School

First Patient

First Staff

First day on the street

First internal Kids

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia

“DTS” Discipleship Training School

“IBCS” Introduction to Biblical Counseling School

 Bario Pila Rica

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Jorge Colmenares

Graduation of the students of the 2003 “IBCS” Introduction to Biblical Counseling School

Greetings from Pilarica Medellín,    

From here we have a beautiful view over one side of the city of Medellín. We are very happy that the Lord gave us this place for rent. The great thing is that this house is also for the sale. We are praying to be able to buy this house so that JUCUM can continue using it to have the schools here to train the youth to enter in missions. 

Graduation of the 2nd 2003 “DTS” Discipleship Training School

Manuela, Student of the IBCS in her Counseling School Outreach. Here in action in Bogotá counseling a church member.

The King’s Kids wish you a Happy New Year 2004

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”

House of Refuge “Bethel”

First stage for boys

; 2540195 Prado Centro


Magda Rocío Largo


Finishing the year 2003 we achieved in the children a good academic goal in the different school grades obtaining recognitions and mentions of honor for the good behavior in the schools.

We end this year with 7 children of which 3 return to their homes and 4 remaining will pass to the second stage. In their socializing process they have grown in their emotional part and Christian principles toward the figure of authority. In this process we guided the children to a behavior development and character forming that allowed to reach the proposed goals.


For next year we are praying to begin a new project with orphan children from the city of Montelíbano, Uraba and Tierra Alta. We request prayer and your support for this new project. 



·       To God who is and will be our only strength in this time.  

·       To each one of the people made it possible to finish this stage.  


Prayer reasons: 

·       Full-Time Personnel 

·       Economic Support 

·       Padrinos

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”
House of Refuge “Mi Hogar”

Second stage for boys

Tel; 4-2161818 Boston
María Cecilia Muñoz

All the boys made a great effort; they took conscience and responsibility of what they had to do. They had a team of tutors.


One day in the pool with all the children of JuCUM and Prison Fellowship, total 450 people thanks to the invitation of Borje and supporters of Sweden.



Elias David Perez graduated from High School.

1. Luis Ferney Sanchez 
Finished satisfactorily, passing on to 4º grade.   

2. John Darío Gómez 
Excellent student, one of the best of his group. Passing on to 5º grade. He had a recognition for: Best sportsman, Friend and sense of belonging to the school.  

3. Luís Felipe López 
Although he is intelligent and capable he lost the year. He stays in 5º grade.  

4. Camilo Vitoria 
Finished very well, he didn't have to recover any subject. Passed to 7º grade.  

5. Alexis Vitoria 
Good student. Passed to 8º grade. He is intelligent and with projection to the future.   

6. Jeison Mosquera 
He made an effort and was responsible with his study. Passed to 7º grade.   

7. Juan Carlos Torro 
With good academic results. Passed to 6º grade.   

8. Victor Chancy 
Very responsible academically. Passed to 10º grade. Excellent student.   

9. Jonathan Puertas 
Súper responsible, excellent student and very well academically. Passed to 9º grade.   

10.           Luís Fernando Gallo 
One of the best students in the group. Passed to 6º grade. For his age he should be high school. He had a recognition in the school for: Better sportsman, better partner and sense of belonging to the school.   

11.           Elías David Pérez 
One of the best of 11º grade. Good student. Finished satisfactorily. He graduated high school.

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”

House of Refuge “Ebenezer”

House for girls

Tel; 4-2168665 Boston
Alba Marina Oviedo

I want to tell you the beautiful testimony of Brilli Tatiana Foronda. She arrived with many emotional, intellectual and social difficulties. The complete process with her thanks to God was an entire success. From being very introverted, she became extroverted, willing to know God and His Word. She is learning how to develop activities in school with interest which she rejected before. Her personality has been enriched; she thinks and has hopes that please God.

All the girls developed their process in a positive way and with a lot of sensibility bearing fruit for the glory of God. Two of them passed to a superior grade, obtaining mention of honor and medals. Socially they had good companionship and the desire of being better and growing every day in their hearts. We can only give thanks to the Lord for His blessing, He helps in favor of the girls and those of us whom have been with them.

One day in the pool with all the children of JuCUM and Brazos Abiertos, total 300 people thanks to the invitation of Lars and supporters of Sweden.


For next year with the favor of God we hope to open a second house for 7-10 year-old girls. To enlarge the project with the purpose of offering greater covering to the female population. To begin the formation in this age range and to achieve the dream of God therewith seeing the personal and complete restoration in each being.

Youth With A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”

; 2540195 Prado Centro
Rosaura Zapata Bolívar

We are going to the street, to the sector Guayaquil in downtown. This place is very dangerous because there are a lot of drug addicts, prostitution and delinquency. There we hand out chocolate and bread to the people. I give thanks to God for this work on the street. It is the opportunity to make God known and to take a message of hope to a indigent population full of problems. In this work children and adults are involved. The children we train in Biblical histories, praying and games. The adults we teach in a deep way about the abundant life in Jesus. On the street we have activities like Health Brigade of nutrition, hygiene and recreation with the families.

I have many expectations for the next semester, as for the work of the street, the idea is to realize Brigades of health and Brigades of Training and work with the women, since I observe a lot of malnutrition in the children and abuse on the part of the parents to them.
TeleFax +57-4-2161818 PO Box AA 5156 Medellín Colombia
Confesión Juventud Con Una Misión is Recognized in Colombia under the
Personería Jurídica Especial No. 1128 del 15 de Agosto de 1996,
by the Interior Ministry. NIT. 830031394-0 Misericordia

Youth With A Mission
Confesión Juventud Con Una Misión
Bank Account 020 091021691-002 LLOYDS TSB Bank


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