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Enith Diaz
Thoughts of life
Psalms 39: 4-6

The psalmist David also suffered very difficult moments in life, unto the point that I consider that life was short and fragile when he requested from the Lord. “4) LORD, make me to know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is; that I may know how frail I am. 5) Behold, thou hast made my days as an handbreadth; and mine age is as nothing before thee: verily every man at his best state is altogether vanity. Selah. 6) Surely every man walketh in a vain shew: surely they are disquieted in vain: he heapeth up riches, and knoweth not who shall gather them.” For this cause I think that I should not toil for what I am able to do, because I can do it; neither for what I cannot do, because I cannot really do it.

Reading the Argentinean writer's thought's Jorge Luis Borges that entitles “Instants (If life could be lived over again)” he said the following thing:     
In the next life I would try to make more errors I would not try to be so perfect, I would be more relax it would be sillier than that I have been, in fact, I would take fewer things seriously, I would be less hygienic, I would run more risks, I would take more trips, I would enjoy more evenings, I would go up more mountains, I would swim more rivers, I would go to more places where I have never been, I would eat more icecream and less beans, I would have more real and less imaginary problems, I would not be one of those people that lives very sensible and fruitfull every minute of their life; cleary, I have had moments of happiness but if I could do it over, I would try to only have good moments, for in case you don't know, that is what life is made of; moments, don't miss this moment........    I was one of those that never went anywhere without a thermometer a bag of hot water, an umbrella and a parachute; If I lived again I would begin to walk barefoot at the beginning of the spring and I would continue this way until concluding the autumn I would do more merry-go-rounds, I would enjoy more dawns and I would play more with children if I had another opportunity to live. 
“But I missed my chance I am 85 years old and dying”


We have started again with our work on the Guayaquil street of Medellín. We are visiting the hotel "The Passenger's Rest" giving chocolate and bread to 120 people of that sector and it has been a very nice experience. 

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Youth with A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”
House of Refuge  “Bethel ”
(First stage for boy's)
Magda Rocío Largo       Patricia Lucía Contreras

Magda Rocio Largo                   Patricia Lucia Contreras

Every Sunday  at ten in the morning Miguel goes running to the door when the doorbell of the house sounds, not just because the bus that will take us to Sunday school has arrived, but it is that his mom who wears her best dress will accompany him to church; Miguel's face lights up and wears a big smile for the rest of the day.

With this and other small miracles we begin the second semester in “Casa Refugio Bethel”. It is enough to increase our faith, spirit and commitment that we get from heaven, but not everything is joy; we live at the edge in relationship to the budget, since the house has generated economic deficit for this year.  God has stayed faithful, the fair provision has always arrived and on time.

"... we are out of potatoes", says mamita ... while taking out the last bags of rice from the cupboard... "We pray to God, we live of faith!!" ... was the answer she got.  The following morning we almost fell over a huge bag of potatoes while entering the house... it was so heavy that we needed several volunteers:  Sanyer, Jair and Yeferson, "aunty..." one of them said... "God knows that we like potatoes". Do you want to know who brought them?... a friend that reads our newsletter; the answer came right to the heart.

Youth with A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”
House of Refuge  “Mi Hogar ”
(Second stage for boy's)
Tel; 2161818
Director:                 Coordinator:
Daniel Menjivar       María Cecilia Muñoz
Daniel Menjivar              Maria Cecilia Munoz

The year is advancing and we have been able to see the wonderful acts of God in the lives of the children, their families and in the personnel whom work here.

From July 30, God guided us to pray because he wanted to begin to raise a solid wall in each boy's life and it went like that as we begin to break the incredulity and hardness of heart. The news is that changes have been originating in them and some already began to make decisions for life.

August 25 took place the III Gastronomic Festival with foods from: Colombia, Sweden, Mexico, El Salvador and Peru. The purpose was to thank all the people that have been a blessing to the Mercy Ministry. 
November 10 and 11 we will have an outing with the mothers and children, the theme will be “Breaking the Generational Curses”

The 5th Song Festival, with the theme:  “Let us ascend to Zion” will be carried out November 24 at 6:00 o'clock, different houses are participating with songs, choreographies, plays and choirs.  This activity we would like to use to evangelize.
Academically the kids do well, using time well. The work team is pleased with the knowledge that God likes  to see us do good deeds.

Youth with A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”
House of Refuge  “Ebenezer ”
(House for Girls)
Tel; +57-4-2168665
Alba Marina Oviedo

The blessing of God has stayed with us in spite of not being as faithful as He wanted it.  We have had spiritual, physical and economic provision. When finishing this semester Carolina Lennis will graduate to 10th grade and the other girls intellectually are also worthy of congratulating, thank God. 

Some have had difficulty with their health, but they are already improving.  The atmosphere in the home has been characterized in particular more like partners and friends since all adolescents act in a very different way.  They progress in all the areas, responding more in some that other, but always going forward .   
In the month of May, Elvia Rodelo, turned 15 years.  Also in May they spent vacation with their families and they already started their second semester now, willing to conquer all difficulties with the help of God to get the same or better results.

Youth with A Mission Medellín Colombia
“Mercy Ministry”
“Workshop of Dressmaking and Handycraft”
”Berseba ”
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Nímia Inés Ibañez Ortiz

Nimia Ibanez Ortiz

After a semester of preparation and constant dialogue with God through the Counseling School IBCS, I can share the new vision that God has for the ministry.

We are projecting for next year in opening a house for the ministry where we will be with the help and the guide of God opening new perspectives and strategies that God has for the life of the boys, girls, their families and other people that we have at the moment.  God is interested to give, to create and to develop in each boy's and girl's life, the capacity of an art through the gifts and talents given by Him.  

Pray For:          
* Fulltime workers 
· That God will reveal His love and grace to each person in the     workshop   
· Economic help for this house.

Youth with A Mission Medellín Colombia
“DTS” Discipleship Training School
“IBCS” Introduction to Biblical Counseling School
Bario Pila Rica
Tel; 4213295
Jorge Colmenares

Jorje Colmenares

In the Introduction of Biblical Counseling School in Medellín we had twenty-two students, it was a new experience. 
God had spoken to us of having the school in the city of Medellín and in this school we saw fulfilled the dreams that God has put in our hearts.
This school will become the tool to qualify and to form new ministries. 
In this school we had the privilege of having teachers that came from the exterior like: Jim and Judi Aisom, Dibel Beltrán, Sergio Channels, Daniel Rebolledo. 
This school represented for us a new stage in our ministry. 
With the school of Biblical Counseling we want to develop new ministries like: 
Drug rehab center, Family center, Counseling for women and to strengthen the counseling ministries of the churches. 
We want the school to be useful to equip new candidates for missions that can serve in the restoration of the nations, and of the not yet reached towns that need to be reached by the love of Crist.

We are happy to anounce that we will have our first bilingual English/Spanish DTS starts 26th of Jan 2003

PERS. JURIDICA 1128 del 15 agosto de 1996 NIT. 830.031.384-0 MISERICORDIA

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